I am a young(ish). working professional. mom. This blog is all about that.

And cupcakes.

Yes, Paris.  And Yes, Parents.

Yes, Paris. And Yes, Parents.

The mantra of my life with a daughter is “try”. In the early days, it was “try” to shower. “Try” the baby carrier. “Try” to go to the store. As she’s aged, the “try”s have gotten a bit more interesting. “Try” to go to Mexico. “Try” to have her walk holding your hand. The”try”s are not linear pursuit – having one work on one day does not mean it will work again on the next day, or any other day ever again. “Try” to go to the store fails regularly.

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Silencing myself:  the pursuit of a Ph.D.

Silencing myself: the pursuit of a Ph.D.

In 2007, I went on a month-long Rotary Fellowship to Saitama, Japan. It was an opportunity to blend my previous experience of Japan with my new found love of philanthropy. My focus during that month was on how philanthropy appears in Japanese society. It was the days of the export of “strategic philanthropy” from the US and the chatter of “Asia not having traditions of philanthropy”, and I was curious enough to want to dig deeper.

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I can breathe.

I can breathe.

Every morning, I watch the water in the Thames River as my daughter and I take our three-minute ferry ride from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf. As we get closer to the Wharf side, I can start to see the tall buildings of London in the background – the Shard, the Gherkin, St. Pauls. My eyes come back to the shoreline and I look upon the brick buildings of the Docklands. Every morning, I think “ahhhh”.

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100 Ladies in Bikinis

100 Ladies in Bikinis

I wasn’t one of those women who lost the baby weight easily. Or ever.

I’m not certain if after two years you can still call it baby weight. It wasn’t there before, but it’s certainly been there since. I believed in the tales that breastfeeding would help me drop the weight, certainly thought that all my sleep-deprived walking would help, had to believe that the constant bending and lifting would do something, and have my waiting for my Michelle Obama arms to appear – but for all of it, the pounds have stayed exactly the same. Exactly.

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I look younger than I am.
Or at least I use to.

Working Professional.

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